Mud Lance

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Depending on what is avaibile the hose will attach to either the air inlet port or the water inlet port.
When used with water the water ejects from specially drilled holes on the outer sides of the tube and not the tip.
Mud Lance
Mud Lance

The mud lance is essential for rescues of animals trapped in mud/sand. If the suction is not broken prior to lifting severe trauma can result to the animal. The lance is designed to be placed at each leg and using air or water brakes the bond and releases the suction that can literally strip the hoof off. Other techniques like trying to introduce surfactants are at best iffy and can contaminate the scene making rescue even harder.

The lance can be powered by air from regulated compressed air supply or water. We even designed it to fit a common garden hose if that is all that is available. Made from high quality aluminum it is rugged enough for the rescue environment but light enough to be easily handled in difficult conductions.

  • Individual lances  $200.00 ea. without fittings/connectors.

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